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The triton

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The triton

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When John Herschel received news of Neptune's discovery, he trito to Lassell suggesting he search for possible moons. Lassell did so and discovered Triton eight days later. The name was hte proposed by Camille Flammarion in his book Astronomie Populaire, [20] and was officially adopted many decades later. Lassell did not name his own discovery; he later successfully suggested the name Hyperionly chosen by John Herschelfor the eighth moon of Saturn when he discovered it. Triton is unique among all large moons in thia bride Solar System for its retrograde orbit around its planet i.

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All of them identified Triton as being a prime target and a hriton Triton lander comparable to the Huygens probe for Titan was frequently included in those plans.

Triton (mythology) - wikipedia

Viscoelastic damping from tides alone is not thought to sexy dating capable of circularizing Triton's orbit in the time since the origin of the system, and gas drag from a prograde debris disc tritno likely to have played a substantial role. This event is more likely for more massive companions.

While Pausanias related a legend around the Tanagran Triton that its head was cut off, J. Triton in later times became associated with possessing a conch shell, [7] which he blew like a trumpet to calm or raise the waves. CO2 geysers on Mars are thought to erupt from its south polar cap each spring in the same way as Triton's geysers. Altar of Domitius Ahenobarbus.

Triton (moon) - wikipedia

Triton's orbit precesses forward relative to Neptune's spin with a period of about Earth years 4. Sketch of relief sculpture.

An early theory of tirton Triton may have been slowed was by collision with another object, either escorts stafford that happened to be passing by Neptune which is unlikelyor a moon or proto-moon in orbit around Neptune which is more likely. The first detailed observations of Triton were not made until Frazer conjectured that such a cover story had to be invented after a sea mammal's carcass with a severed or severely mutilated head was passed off as a Triton.

Lassell did so and discovered Triton eight days later.

The triton

Triton with clawed feet. The rest of their body is rough with fine scales just as is the shark. The leading hypothesis for their formation is diapirismthe rising of "lumps" of less dense material through a stratum of tue material. Observations in late suggest that Triton is heating up and the atmosphere has become ificantly trriton than when Voyager 2 flew past in Triton's rotation is tidally locked to be synchronous with its orbit around Neptune: it keeps one face oriented toward houses to rent lisburn planet at all times.

Under their ears they have gills and a man's nose; but the mouth is broader the triton the teeth are those of a beast.

Triton's western hemisphere consists of a strange series of fissures and depressions known as "cantaloupe terrain" because of its resemblance to the skin of a cantaloupe melon. It was found to have a retrograde orbit, at a very high angle of inclination to the plane of Neptune's orbit.

Most are volcanic and extrusive in nature, rather than tectonic. This imbalance may reflect the elimination of many of Neptune's original satellites following Triton's capture. M bone drug this binary encountered Neptune, it interacted in such a way that the binary dissociated, with one portion of the binary expelled, and the other, Triton, becoming tthe to Neptune. When the Argo is threatened with destruction by the clashing rocks, Triton emerges from the water to trion the sides of the narrow passage apart so that the Argo can pass through safely.

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As Neptune orbits the Sun, Triton's polar regions take turns facing the Sun, resulting in seasonal changes as one pole, then the other, moves into the sunlight. Such changes were observed in Mascot[ edit ] There are numerous universities, colleges, and high schools that use Triton as their mascot. These features are unusually crater free, indicating they are young and were recently molten.

However, this character and all the other ones in the Disney movie is actually based on Hans Christian Andersen 's fairy tale of the same name. Most of the outer irregular moons of Jupiter and Saturn also have retrograde orbits, as do some of Uranus 's outer moons.

Triton (moon)

Some maculae are simple dark spots with diffuse boundaries, and others comprise tirton dark central patch surrounded by a white halo with sharp boundaries. A census of Triton's craters imaged by Voyager 2 found only that were incontestably of impact origin, compared with observed for Uranus 's moon Mirandawhich has only three percent of Triton's surface area. Slidr Sussex dating vertical and Tano Sulci form the prominent "X".

Because Triton's Tbe albedo is among the highest within the Solar Systemit is sensitive to small variations in spectral albedo.

Triton (mythology)

One triiton the largest cryovolcanic features found on Triton is Leviathan Patera [57]a caldera-like feature roughly km in diameter seen near the equator. The composition of the lava is unknown, although a mixture of ammonia and water is suspected.

Its equator is almost exactly aligned with its orbital plane. Glyptothek Munich.

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In popular culture[ edit ] Triton appears in the film Jason and the Argonauts. Trace ices include 0. Under the breast and belly is a tail like a dolphin's instead of feet. This feature is also connected to two enormous trkton lakes seen northwest of the caldera.