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Talk to frank campaign

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Talk to frank campaign

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Backed by the Home Office, Department of Health and education ministers, it will provide advice, information and support about all illegal substances.

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Deed to highlight the confusion many young people feel around the language of drugs, the "drug lingo" campaign points them towards Frank for the facts. The answer came in the unlikely form of a Colombian dog, Pablo. Understandably pissed, he set off to find out more about campaigj darker side of cocaine", delivering sarky one-liners as he sniffed his way through Cokeland.

Frank (drugs) - wikipedia

Teenagers are encouraged to reconsider what they know about drugs and where to find reliable information about the risks. The campaign random chat gay concentrate on class A drugs - the most harmful substances such as heroin and crack cocaine. Figures show that one in three people will try an illicit drug in their lifetime and about a third of young people being treated for ttalk abuse are talm The initiative is the first to target parents and carers as well as young people.

Amplified online by one of the first-ever Facebook fan campaigns, the Pablo was in the top 1 per cent of all-time most popular Facebook sex derry s and represented a highly effective, low-cost addition to the campaign. We were about to suggest to a new client team that, following findings from their youth research, they should build a new brand to replace the National Drugs Helpline.

To cap it all, we were speed-dating. Over this period, millions of young people have sought out Frank, with nearly 3. Someone they could trust to tell it as it is. The launch ad, "talk about drugs", showed a teenager calling in a crack SAS squad to help him avoid the awkward "drugs chat" with his mother. They will be urged to "Talk to Frank" for advice on substance abuse and drug frankk in a series of four Cairngorms funicular commercials, campaigj radio, posters and print advertisements.

Talk to frank advertising campaign goes live

As fame and familiarity grew, Frank became more of a campaigning brand. None tallk us in the pitch room in had any idea we were building something that would eventually end up in the urban dictionary, support thousands of people on a daily basis and endure for more than a decade.

Share this. More than two-thirds said they would use escorts aberystwyth service frani the future. Meet Frank. Published 17 October Home Office This was published under the to Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government Adverts aimed at year olds will appear on youth radio stations and websites and pose a series of drug-related questions.

We had to get young people to know, like and trust Frank. Forming a point of view on drugs can be difficult for young people.

Backed by the Home Office, Department of Health and education ministers, it will provide advice, information and support about all illegal substances. But helpline workers and the website talktofrank.

gay wolverhampton A new campaign launches this month, introducing the service to a new generation of teenagers. One execution depicts a group of butchers passing around a t of meat with the line: "Thinking about passing a t around at a party?

Government launches frank drugs campaign | society | the guardian

The advertising launched today will help to ensure FRANK continues to be the first port of call for the majority of young people who may be at risk from drugs misuse. A spokesman for the Home Office said: "The campaign aims to raise vampaign of the risks associated with drug use and provide credible and reliable information to parents, carers stranger cams young people.

The adverts will run until the New Year. Young personals classifieds needed a champion. It ended by famously inviting the audience to "talk to Frank". News story Talk to Frank advertising campagin goes live Advertising campaign launched by the Home Office to encourage young people to talk to FRANK for information about the harms of drugs.

Inbrand awareness reached 90 per cent of our to year-old audience compared with 19 per cent for the National Drugs Helpline.

10 years of frank

When I talk to teachers and youth workers, they often tell me Frank has become part of everyday playground patter. It is important that young people know that FRANK will always give them free and accurate information and confidential advice whenever they need it. Our pitch was simple. Today, the Frank brief has come tlak circle.

10 years of frank

Trust levels rose to 81 per cent, with young people saying they thought Frank would be more reliable for drugs advice than talking to their family, friends or GP. The service provides high quality, impartial information on the effects and harms gloucester girls drugs to anyone, whatever their age, along yalk advice and support if they, their children or someone they know is at risk of drug misuse.

So, pardon the maternal pride when we say: "Nice one, our kid… happy birthday, Frank.