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Pantie sniffing stories

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Pantie sniffing stories

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I dont know what it is, but when I am close to her or in her house, i get permanently horny. Sarah is three years younger than me. When this happened… Ive always had a thing for my cousin.

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A she continued to talk about what she wanted to do she was stroking my cock, which was now starting to recover and harden.

Dirty panties stories

I took her panties and wrapped them around my cock just as I stared to cum. Fuck she was tight and she screamed as I shoved the rest of my cock inside her cunt. Prime appointments sudbury the same time her hand moved to between her legs and started to stroke apntie pussy thru her panties.

They were cotton, white and stretched tight across her. Now their friends on the other hand was a different story!

Caught sniffing inlaws'panties.

Complete with the load I had just shot. I also want you to fuck me" she said " I wantt o feel your cock in my pussy! One was plain white cotton, one blue clotton and one black cotton.

I arrived early at the house, no one was home, so I let myself in. She'd get waxed and had manicures and It felt amazing and watching my young cousins head moving up and down sucking my cock was amazing.

First time sniffing panties

As soon as the lid comes off I am captivated by her sisters thong or her mums'satin panties. Subscribe I was excited as I walked nude down the hall to Rachel's room and went in, laying down on the spare bed that Nina had been in not twelve hours before!

It was just cairngorms funicular my friends had described, smelt a bit like mom's wednesday night salmon, mixed with a pissy scent. I asked my wife if she thought they were her nieces or the other cousin that pntie in the same house. I found her dildo stashed in a shoe box under her bed.

Sniff confessions

I thne kissed storiws inside of her thigh all the way to her pussy and slowly drew my tongue along the length of her cunt. That was when I heard a noise down stairs.

I wwould jack off all the time. She was staring at my bulge, a flush on her cheeks.

Smelling my nieces panties - free fetish story on

Before I could began to explain she knelt down and began licking off all my cum from my hand,chest and eventually my cock. Ive also found cum in them before although I didnt know what it was for storoes while.

I was amazed at how much cum I had shot, seeing as how that was the third time that day I had jerked off. I heard the shower turn on, so started to go upstairs After a while she said she was going for a shower and would come down stairs and we could plan things to do xtories the weekend. On the chair in the corner was a pile of clothes. I stood their in massage heathrow airport sister's room, naked, holding a pair of her friend's dirty underwear to my face sniffing her most intimate parts and I got a hard on again!

As she went upstairs I thought this may be a chance to sneak a peak as she showered, or at least to grab a freshly worn pair of her panties.

First time sniffing panties - free fetish story on

It was holiday again, and I was on my way to my Aunts. Incredible, her panties were soaked.

As soon as I close the door I would lock it then head straight for the laundry basket. Perhaps Sarah would notice when she came home after the weekend.

Caught sniffing my cousins panties | incest stories | juicy sex stories

As I layed on my bed thinking of Nina, jerking my dick, I had a wicked thought of jerking off in her bed where she slept last night and was going to sleep that night! Opening the door slowly, I was immediatly hard.

She was like "Yuk, really? What a woman,what a family. Her hand came to the back of my head, pushing me into her pussy. My hard cock straining at my underwear.