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My wifes first bbc

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My wifes first bbc

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I always enjoyed mmf with my wife more than with another woman. Something about watching my wife pleasured bbcc another well hung man was a huge turn on for me.

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I bought a table and had it set up upstairs on our loft and they both went upstairs and after two hours he came down and said this is really getting to be fun and your wife is amazing. She squirted all over the black monster filling her full. I am hunting for a good looking 25 to 35 year old black guy who is built and hung but mostly thick cock. The more aggressive he ate her shaved pussy the more she soaked the bed, eventually squirting all over his face.

He could go as far as she would let him on the massage.

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When she would get drunk she would talk about it and always said if she ever cheated she would want to do it with a black guy and I ask why. She agreed to it.

As her pussy stretched more and more with every thrust he picked up the pace until she was begging him to fuck her pussy hard. He gently spread her thighs and starting eating her.

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She has agreed to the date night and I know once I get a few drinks in her she would be open to a massage in our room and hopefully this time she will have sex too. Gay escort aberdeen soon as she saw that black cock buried deep in firxt she squirted again.

He massaged every inch of her body and even massaged her pussy lips without entering his fingers in her. After he left I went upstairs and she was laying on the table naked and said I am more relaxed than I have ever been.

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He slowly started stroking in and out of her stretching her more and more with every thrust. We had a plan so after she said my wifes first bbc he said that he had to complete so many hours of hands on sensual and tantric massages to have his updated. I let him in and he went straight to the bedroom with me. He was a very well built black guy about 28 years old and was willing to act like he was approved for the hotel we had as an outsourced party.

He then said well how about it? Spainish girls think if we can get to the massage and you work her right and I even think about half way through the massage you can slowly take your clothes off and let her feel your huge cock against her and she will Newcastle escort video believe go for it.

If she likes your looks and body then you are almost a for sure deal and if so then you are welcome to come to our house and service her all you want as long as she is good and I will tell you I will not be involved or watch but would love to watch every once in a while so I can video and take pictures.

She told me she came twice and then admitted this could be dangerous him coming to our house and I said how? He kissed up her neck and started to kiss her gently forcing her lips massage stirling with his tongue.

I had bought it and gave to him and that was a part of our plan as well. With that being said I bcb now looking for a guy to play the role at a hotel one night when I set up a date pornstar babes for us again. I have been married to her for many years and know her like a book. She said she came at least 3 or 4 times and that he is a really nice guy and she feels like she has known him forever.

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She said Mike just left about 10 minutes before you got here. It was my fantasy almost come true but with our plan he and I had, hopefully it would come true soon. She then said his hands were so big and I have to say his cock rubbed against my arms and his shorts were like silk because she could feel how big it was and it even came across her hand and she could feel how thick it was and said out of reflex she closed her hand around it and told him sorry and he said he was sorry it happens a lot when he leans in and said no apology needed.

He said to her I just massaged every inch of you and you seemed relaxed and she said yes you made barbie escort feel secure and safe. He and I talked and I had him call her and they set up the next day first date idea the first session.

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She said that they started at after a bottle of wine for at least an hour and then at To be continued in the next story. Follow my lead chorley escorts I think this will be done. We then went firwt to the room about as he was coming at pm. I untied her firsg and bent her over and tied her hands back up. He grabbed her by the back of the head and forcefully shoved more cock down her throat each time.

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She struggled a little to resist his kiss then suddenly gave in passionately kissing him back. She said that would probably be good for her to wear it so she would be more comfortable. He knew every button to touch to get her going without being told.