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Frank life is strange

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Frank life is strange

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But each and every single scenario I am in, Chloe shoots Frank.

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She began using recreational drugs she bought from him and in turn, Frank taught Chloe how to pick locks.

Non-lethally in the leg, but she still shot him. Chloe and Frank became friends and hung out at times.

The two met often during the time Rachel's attendance at Blackwell began to drop. A drug dealerhe is an associate of Chloe Price and Rachel Amber. I don't want him to be shot though.

I mean it. While he has a stable job, he frabk drugs to make money on the side off of the students at Blackwell Academylike Nathan Prescottto support himself and Pompidou.

She sold and bought drugs from Frank as a way to make money. Most of the ways it ends in Chloe killing both Frank and his dog. According to Chloe, she owes Frank "three grand, plus interest".

Frank blamed his drug use for his behavior. I finally managed to get a scenario where Frank is alive but Chloe still shot him. I want everything massage stanmore go swimmingly. Unbeknownst to Chloe, however, Frank eventually began a relationship with Rachel Amber. So is there any way to end the scene with everyone being okay and unharmed or is seeing him get incapacitated by a bullet in the leg the best I am going to get?

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But each and every single scenario I am in, Chloe shoots Frank. Frank once bet on dog fightsbut had a change of heart somewhere down the road and rescued them.

Despite the mutual affection for each other, the two argued, however, only Rachel was willing admit when she was at fault. Eventually, however, she borrowed frannk money from him that it landed her in debt with Frank. Frank took photos of Rachel with her consent and allowed her to drive his RV at one point.