Redmond landscape worker and his family hit by a house fire – Go Fund Me trying to help

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Nov 172017

Redmond Firefighters finish knocking down a porch and house fire at 625 NW 7th Wednesday.

The fire is out and the dust has cleared. The Red Cross has put landscape worker Travis Leroue and his family up in a motel for a few days to help them out. But his rental house remains uninhabitable due to the fire damage. Travis’ family needs help and needs it fast.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up for them for a modest sum to help them get back on their feet. If you’d like to donate here’s the link to their Go Fund Me account: Click here.

Algae threat is gone from Howard Bay and Upper Klamath Lake

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Nov 172017

Algae Bloom
Courtesy photo OHA

November 17, 2017

*Reduced blue-green algae, toxin levels confirmed; *continued caution with pets advised.*

The Oregon Health Authority has lifted the health advisory issued July 28 for Howard Bay and updated September 1 to include all of Upper Klamath Lake, located northwest of Klamath Falls in Klamath County.

Water monitoring has confirmed levels of blue-green algae and the toxins they produce are below guideline values for human exposure. However, OHA officials recommend people continue to be cautious about allowing pets in the lake because blooms can develop and disappear throughout the season. Federal, state and local agencies are able to monitor only a fraction of Oregon’s lakes and waterways for blue-green algae, so people should be their own best advocates when it comes to keeping themselves, their families and their pets safe.

People, and especially small children and pets, should avoid areas where the water is foamy, scummy, thick like paint, pea-green, blue-green or brownish-red in color, if a thick mat of blue-green algae is visible in the water, or bright green cells are suspended in the water column. If you observe these signs in the water, avoid activities that cause you to swallow water or inhale droplets, such as swimming or high-speed water activities.

Enjoying 5 Fusion and World Class Sushi for a splendid cause…

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Nov 172017

On Monday, December 4th, 5 Fusion and Sushi Executive Chef Joe Kim will present an evening of sushi rolling and sake tasting to benefit Deschutes Children’s Foundation.

The evening at 5 Fusion and Sushi in downtown Bend, will provide a hands-on lesson in which participants will learn to roll three different styles of sushi rolls and taste different types of sake. Participants are encouraged to make as many rolls as they wish. Takeaway containers will be provided so productive participants can share their newfound talents with friends and family.

Tickets for the event are $100 per person with all net proceeds benefitting Deschutes Children’s Foundation. The event begins at 6:30pm. The funds raised support a thriving community of nonprofits that help over 20,000 children and families at Deschutes Children’s Foundation’s four locations every year. For tickets or for more information, please call Deschutes Children’s Foundation at 541-388-3101, or visit

About 5 Fusion and Executive Chef Joe Kim: Chef Joe Kim kicked off his career at the Take Japanese Restaurant in Oakland, CA as the apprentice of Toshio Togoshi, Master Japanese chef. Joe then served as chef at Yoshino Sushi in Alameda under renowned chef Kazu Yamaguchi. Immediately prior to his move to 5 Fusion, Joe worked with Master Chef Tadashi Kirmura at Kyoto Restaurant and as chef at IKudon in San Francisco. Chef Joe has built an environment at 5 Fusion that is filled with passion, creativity, and a true desire to push the limits of cuisine in Bend. He is a three time James Beard Foundation award semi-finalist for Best Chef in the Northwest – the first Central Oregon chef to receive this honor.

Under Chef Joe’s direction, 5 Fusion was selected the 2012 Central Oregon Restaurant of the Year, and the 2012 Source Weekly Reader’s Choice Restaurant of the Year. He has been invited to represent Central Oregon at the Oregon Bounty Grand Tasting at Portland’s FEAST and was one of five Celebrity Chefs featured at the Bite of Oregon. Additionally, Chef Joe won the 2012 Central Oregon Top Chef competition at the annual “Bite of Bend” event and was recognized by his peers as one of the Best Chefs in America for 2013. In his “off” time, Joe has served as a guest chef at the famed French Laundry in Napa, and as a featured visiting chef at Grant Achatz’s Alinea in Chicago –named the best in the world for three consecutive years. These culinary adventures allow Chef Kim more opportunities to bring a world of tastes, inspiration and creativity back to Central Oregon.

About Deschutes Children’s Foundation: Established in 1990, Deschutes Children’s Foundation’s mission is to provide the space and support where nonprofits succeed at helping children and families. Over 20,000 children and families receive help from 22 nonprofits at Deschutes Children’s Foundation’s four community campuses every year.

Kiwanis has a sweet tooth for Redmond….

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Nov 172017


For the sixth year, members of the Kiwanis Club of Redmond will be selling See’s Candies as a fundraiser for its youth projects. Sales will begin Nov. 21 at Sears, 224 SW Sixth St., and SELCO Credit Union, 825 S.W. 17th St. from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Kiwanians will also staff a kiosk at Centennial Park on Nov. 24 and 25 from 4:30 to 8 p.m. and on Dec. 9.

For more information, contact Cindy Trainor at 541-410-2610 or Dottie McMenamy at 541-548-0322.

And just so you know… the Kiwanis Club of Redmond takes the funds from this, and other fundraising activities and does THIS with it! (Hold on to your hats!)

* Provides college scholarships for Redmond High School Graduates
* Jericho Backpacks for youth
* Family Action Network, providing basic needs for elementary school students
* Beulah’s Place, focusing on homeless teens
* Redmond Fire-Rescue, child bike helmets and car seats
* Camp Sunrise, meeting the needs of children who have lost their parents
* Key Clubs at Ridgeview and Redmond High Schools – Leadership training
* Start making a reader today program
* Shop with a cop for Christmas
* Tech Trek, enabling middle school girls to master technical trades and science research
* Redmond Flag Committee
* Highway Cleans ups
* Annual Prayer Breakfast
* Salvation Army Bell Ringers
* …and more….

Possible house fire at 201 SW Deer Street, Prineville

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Nov 162017

Report of a possible house fire at 201 SW Deer Street in Prineville. Elderly woman inside saying she has smoke in her house and that a fire alarm is going off. She is out of the house and in the back yard talking with law enforcement.

Police can see smoke coming out of the residence.

Fire department arriving on scene. They’re investigating.

Firefighters discover a small pile of burning clothes in a bedroom. They extinguished the fire and will now proceed to ensure that the fire or fire embers work their way into the floor, walls or ceiling or any objects in the room.

Man accused of luring young girls on line busted in Prineville

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Nov 162017

Patrick Adams
Arrested for luring and sexual corruption of children
PPD photo

Prineville Police recently received information that a 31 year old Prineville resident, identified as Patrick James Adams, was sending explicit photos and attempting to lure juvenile females from the Prineville area using online social media websites.

Following an investigation, a search warrant was granted for Adams’ residence. Items used to lure juvenile girls were located at the residence at were seized as evidence. Following the search warrant, Adams was arrested on 2 counts of Luring a Minor, and 2 counts of Online Sexual Corruption of a Child.

Adams was lodged in the jail.

It is believed that Adams may have had multiple contacts with female juveniles in the Central Oregon area. There is a possibility that Adams has had contact with multiple minors online. Anyone with information concerning this case, or any juveniles who have had contact with Adams are encouraged to contact Detective Brandin Noland with the Prineville Police Department.

If you have additional information about this case please contact the Prineville Police at 541-447-4168, the case agent, or private message us on Facebook.

CONTACT PERSON: Case Agent; Detective Brandin Noland (541)233-7440

State finally going after delinquent taxes and fees…

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Nov 162017

State Capitol

Governor Brown signed Executive Order 17-09 Promoting Fiscal Responsibility by Recovering Monies Owed to the State. Due to that order, Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) has made changes to its accounts receivable and collections process in order to be compliant with the Executive Order, DAS guidelines and statutory requirements.

The following process is effective immediately:

Entities will receive an invoice from OHCS with a specific date of when payment must be made.
When full payment is not received by the invoice due date, the account becomes delinquent.

All delinquent accounts will be contacted by telephone as a first attempt to collect. A collection letter will be mailed within 3 business days after the initial phone contact and will include the following information: a final request for payment; notification of potential assignment to collection agency (Department of Revenue (DOR) or Private Collection Firm (PCF)); notification that collection fees will be passed on to the debtor; the process if the debtor disputes the amount due; and a deadline to respond.

Once the deadline to respond or dispute has passed, the account is considered liquidated. An account becomes liquidated once a debtor has been notified of the debt and given an opportunity to dispute the debt. The account may then be assigned to the state or private collection company.

At the time of assignment the debtor will be responsible for the collection fees as indicated in the collection letter.

Oregon Representative David Gomberg has long decried what he termed the state’s tepid approach to collecting money from Oregon residents and companies (among others) that owe the state back taxes and fees.

Tornado Girl Boot Camps – Building strength, confidence and courage

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Nov 162017

Tornado Girls Boot Camp
Tuck Elementary

Boot Camp Instructor
and her “troops.”

Tornado Girl learning there’s more than hopscotch out there…

On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from late October through mid-November 2017, the John Tuck Elementary gymnasium was transformed into a character-building boot camp for third through fifth-grade girls.

Created by Tuck Elementary teacher Susan Gotshall, the program called Tornado Girl Boot Camp was thought up as a response to combat squabbling and gossip among elementary age girls and a way to build character.

“I think this age range is such a pivotal time for girls to learn about friendship, loyalty, determination, self-worth, and finding their own inner strength,” Gotshall said.

Each session begins with the group talking about a character trait and how it applies to the girl’s lives and then they do a boot camp workout, all while wearing t-shirts with the words, “I am a Tornado Girl: I am strong. I am smart. I can do anything.”

The girls absolutely love it and have so much fun,” Gotshall said. “I see them in the hallway with the biggest smiles and they say “Hi Miss G., I’ll see you at boot camp today!”

Gotshall discovered Crossfit about seven years ago when she was searching for something that was athletic, fun and she could stick with long term. She was introduced to the popular activity by a friend and after one session she was hooked.

Crossfit is promoted as both a physical exercise philosophy and also as a competitive fitness sport. Workouts often incorporate weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics and calisthenics.

“Crossfit is something that has empowered me throughout my adult life, something I wish that I had when I was younger,” Gotshall explained. “I think it would have helped me navigate those challenging pre-teen through teen years.”

Gotshall said she wanted to create a similar atmosphere with third through fifth-grade girls where they could experience community, come together to support each other, have fun and feel good about themselves.

“Why not create a girls boot camp where we focus on a weekly character trait like determination and tolerance, cultivate positive self-esteem, and most of all, just have some fun,” Gotshall said. “A little outside-the-box thinking has paid off tremendously and has had a positive impact on the lives of these wonderful young ladies.”

The next boot camp begins in February 2018. Contact Gotshall for more information at

Redmond’s Bob Perry drops out of the District 59 race for the state House

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Nov 162017

Robert Perry (R)
NOT running for House Dist. 59

Robert (Bob) Perry has announced that he will step aside from being considered for replacement of John Huffman of House District 59. His announcement comes before the November 20 meeting of County Commissioners of the four counties comprising HD 59 who will be deciding from the three candidates submitted for their consideration.

Perry intends to support the candidate who earned the Precinct Committee nomination on the first ballot at their November 11 meeting. Perry will be suggesting to County Commissioners that they support the appointment of Daniel Bonham of The Dalles to this important position. Commissioners will select between Perry, Bonham and Mae Huston as the three nominees.

In speaking of his decision to support Bonham, Perry stated: “Daniel will provide a fresh voice for this district and the legislature. I’m impressed with his moral compass and his ability to communicate. Daniel is 40 years young – and the Republican Party urgently needs youth and the vigor it provides to more effectively communicate our common sense, conservative message. By supporting Daniel, I hope to enhance party unity as we try to combat the tax & spend Democrats currently in control. To all my supporters who encouraged my running for this post, thank you and one never knows what the future might hold.”

Advanced weapons manufacturer moving to Redmond

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Nov 162017

Weapons manufacturer moving to Redmond.

Information provided by Economic Development for Central Oregon

Salem-based Radian Weapons have announced plans to move their production facility and headquarters operations to Redmond. Radian is currently in the process of hiring multiple positions to round out their new facility with start dates as early as December.

After searching for years for a new, expanded facility, Radian Weapons chose to relocate to Redmond based on the breadth of workforce, available manufacturing space, and the quality of life the region has to offer – many of the same reasons three-million people vacation in Central Oregon annually.

“Ultimately, Redmond came out as the best place to relocate our operations to,” said Joshua Underwood, CEO of Radian Weapons. “Growing up visiting Central Oregon as a kid, it was always a goal to one day live here. After seeing the manufacturing and arms ecosystem that is emerging, we knew we wanted to be a part of it. And being able to hire passionate residents that live our company’s lifestyle was a must.”

Founded in 2009 as AXTS Weapons Systems, Radian Weapons manufactures innovative rifle accessories, including the Raptor charging handle and Talon safety, and now complete high-end AR15s. Radian prides itself on delivering innovative products that are made to the highest possible manufacturing standards.

The quality of their manufacturing has attracted buyers from across the globe. This new facility will allow Radian Weapons to expand their production to better meet the demand they’ve had over the last few years. In addition to the jobs that are currently posted on their website, Radian Weapons plan to hire up to twelve new positions in the next twelve months.

“We’re truly excited to have Radian Weapons join our existing mix of companies in this sector,” said Jon Stark, REDI’s Senior Director. “The high-quality products they manufacture are well-renowned in their industry and we’re proud to be able to say they’re ‘Made in Redmond.’”

Additional information: