Aug 082018

By a unanimous vote, the Redmond School Board placed a $70 million bond on the upcoming November ballot to upgrade Redmond Schools. If passed by the voters, the upgrades would take a couple of years to complete. Here’s a partial list of some of the more significant improvements that will be made if the bond passes this November:

Obsidian Middle School entry and security: $2.4 million

Roof at RELC: $1.1 million

Low voltage upgrades at Vern Patrick Elementary: $390,000

Upgrades to lighting at Tumalo Community School: $97,000

Mitigate asbestos at Tuck Elementary: $133,000

Fire sprinklers at Tuck Elementary: $220,000

Entry/security at McCall Elementary: $211,000

Card access for security entry at Terrebonne: $71,000

Exterior windows at Lynch Elementary $132,000

Seismic upgrades at Lynch Elementary: $880,000

Roof replacement at Redmond High School: $1.4 million

Should the school improvement bond measure pass, the property tax increase on an average Redmond home would be about $108/year according to district figures. That’s about $9 a month. That’s based on an average home value of $200,000 of assessed valuation. That’s not market value. That’s assessed value.

The political action committee, made up of Redmond citizens, will be guiding the information campaign to ensure the needs and justifications for the school improvements are well understood by the voting public. Those who would like to start their own “homework” on this bond measure can find lots of information at the campaign’s website

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