Aug 072018

2552 NW Rimrock Lane

Neighbor soaks ground between her home and the fire.

Home is fully aflame

Outbuildings explode in flame, highly flammable paints and more explode, spreading the fire quickly.

Fire jumps from buildings to surrounding trees that instantly “torch”….

A fire consumed a large home and a number of outbuildings this afternoon north of Redmond and just west of Terrebonne at 2562 NW Rimrock Lane. The family was home at the time and everyone got out okay.

Nearby residences were ordered evacuated for a while as the firefighters slowly got the upper hand on the blaze. One person was transported to St. Charles Redmond to be checked out.

Firefighters from as far away as Black Butte Fire and Cloverdale helped Redmond Firefighters knock down the blaze which consumed not only the 2,000 square foot home but several out buildings.

No word yet on what caused the fire.

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