Aug 062018

Large pickup headed northbound on Canal leaves the road on a curve. Slams into and then bounces off power pole.

Pickup with two aboard begins to roll over and over, coming to rest on its wheels.

Despite the accident the two aboard were not seriously injured. Seat belts work.

UPDATE: 8.5.18

Authorities say that a grey extended pickup was speeding northbound on Highway 97 north of Bend Saturday afternoon when an off-duty Bend police officer spotted the extended pickup driving recklessly and called 911 to tell them that the pickup turned on to 61st Street.

The officer followed the pickup onto 61st, then turned right behind it and then on to Gift Road that leads to the old Bend-Redmond Highway. From there the pickup and the following deputy worked their way all the way north to Redmond. At the Redmond intersection of Canal and Heights, the pickup lost control, left the road, hit a phone and power pole, rolled numerous times then came to rest on its wheels.

Because they were wearing their seat belts, neither of the occupants were seriously injured. After being interviewed by law enforcement, pickup driver Yosef Perez, 24 of Redmond, was issued a traffic ticket for Drunk Driving and Reckless Driving along with a court date in Bend.

Redmond Police say if you see a drunk driver, or someone who appears to be drunk or medically impaired, please call 800-24DRUNK.

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