Jul 112018

Redmond Airport
Courtesy photo

Yet another sign that the Redmond Airport is not slowing down in its bid to become much bigger than it is today. The Redmond City Council Tuesday evening approved an application to the federal government for a seven and a half million dollar grant to upgrade an area of the airport where the airplanes pull up to the terminal and let off or take on passengers. Right now there are 9 aircraft parking “aprons” as they’re called. With the grant from the FAA, it’ll go to 11. And what’s more, those two new parking aprons will be able to accommodate aircraft much, much, larger than what’s we’ve seen, on average, at this airport.

If the grant is approved, the FAA will provide over $7.5 million toward the project with the airport kicking in the remainder, at 6.25%, or around a half million dollars.

Airport Director Zach Bass says he expects the FAA will award the grant and that construction on the two new parking aprons next to the terminal will begin in the spring of next year. The two parking stalls will be created at the south end of the terminal.

Meanwhile Bass says reconstruction of runway 11-29 is proceeding very well. He said the project should be ready for it’s maiden landing or take off rather soon. Both of the airport’s main landing strips were rebuilt to accommodate the rapid growth of commercial airline travel. As a side-benefit, it’s been observed that a re-strengthened Redmond Airport will be in a strategic position to play a major role in getting emergency supplies to people in the Valley and on the Coast in the event of the dreaded Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and tsunami.

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