Jul 112018

The race is on between Bend and Redmond as to which community wins nearly 500 dwelling units to help ease the region’s excruciatingly painful housing crisis. The project is proposed to built in the Northeast Kingwood, Maple and Negus Street area. An entry plaza at at Kingwood will anchor the project.

It’s a special project from the state Land Conservation and Development Commission which is trying to break the log jam in providing affordable housing. On the table is a proposal to build affordable, workforce and retail priced housing in an area just outside of Redmond’s or Bend’s urban growth boundaries – a tactic to take advantage of lower land prices on which to build that much needed housing.

Redmond City Hall is proposing a 485 unit development that includes retail, workforce and affordable housing with lower rents for the workforce and affordable units in a number of mid-rise apartments of two or three floors. Rents are proposed to vary from $522/month up to nearly $1,400/month depending on family income. By including commercial businesses on some of the ground floors it will help reduce the the sticker price of the projects because businesses are income generators and therefore are taxed more.

This Skyline Village neighborhood is the nuts and bolts of Redmond’s application headed to Salem that will compete with whatever project the city of Bend submits. Redmond already has a number of developers and real estate interests supporting Redmond’s application. Along with that there are rent caps, deed restrictions, home owner associations controls and other devices to keep at least half the project affordable for at least 50 years. Obviously, no flipping allowed on the workforce and affordable portions of the project.

A decision by the state on which city wins will be made sometime this fall.

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