Jun 122018

Left-over campfire was rekindled by Tuesday afternoon winds…
Redmond FD photo

Redmond firefighters got a call Tuesday afternoon that a lot of black smoke was rising high in the air west of Redmond in a rather sparsely populated area – Highway 126 and SW 95th. West Antler also dead ends out there.

Firefighters had to navigate bumpy dirt roads to get to where the fire was burning and upon arrival found grasses were going up in flames along with a number of junipers. It didn’t take long for them to knock down the fire, but quite a bit longer to soak what had been burning. With westerly winds still kicking up pretty strong, they had to squirt enough water to literally water-log the ground, forest debris, the trees and what turned out to be the source of the fire – a campfire – possibly built by a transient, that obviously wasn’t properly put out before the transient moved on.

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