Jun 122018

Redmond Launches 2018 Annual Community Survey
Encouraging residents to voice their opinion and provide input on City services

The City of Redmond recently launched its annual Community Survey to learn what the community thinks about the work the City of Redmond does for them. The survey includes more than 30 questions ranging from how safe people feel, to their views on the downtown, to overall livability in Redmond, to their satisfaction with various City services. The ten minute survey is hosted online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/M8H9JJ6.

“Our residents are making an investment through taxes, fees, and by their decision to live in Redmond. We owe it to them to be committed to continual improvement, which starts with asking ‘how are we doing?’ and to use that input to make Redmond better,” states City Manager Keith Witcosky.

The Annual Redmond Community Survey, which began in 2016, is conducted each spring.

A direct link to the online survey is also available on the City’s website at www.ci.redmond.or.us. Hard copies of the survey were mailed directly to residents via the City’s Redmond Connection newsletter and are available at City Hall or by request. Survey closes Monday, June 25th.

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