May 122018

SUV turning left from this lane did so in the path of an oncoming motorcycle, which bounced off the SUV and landed in the N/B left turn lane.

Both riders were thrown off their motorcycle and were transported to the hospital.

It was one of the most deadly kind of accident a motorcyclist can suffer. Surviving them is always iffy. But two riders on a motorcycle crossing Prineville’s main drag Saturday managed to survive a collision that could have easily taken both their lives.

Prineville Police report that a Bend couple, out for a ride in the sunshine, was headed south on Combs Flat Road. As they proceeded through the intersection with NE 3rd, a Ford SUV headed north on Combs turned west right in front of the southbound motorcycle. The motorcycle hit the side of the SUV, catapulting both riders airborne – both suffering injuries due to their hard landing on the pavement. Driver of the SUV, Sandra Kerbow of Prineville, wasn’t hurt. But she was issued a traffic ticket for failure to comply with the traffic signal which gave the right of way to the southbound motorcycle.

Having the driver of a vehicle turn left in front of an oncoming motorcycle is almost as common as rain because vehicle drivers are usually looking for an object as big as a car or truck coming the other way – not something small and low to the ground like a motorcycle. It also calls for all motorcyclists to ensure that their headlight is switched on during the day (preferably on high beam), as well as at night (low beam), to make it easier for motorists to see them.

Prineville Police requests that anyone who saw the accident to please call Prineville Police at 541-477-4168.

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