Apr 142018

David Giovanni, 53
DCJ photo

Redmond Police this week reports that an employee with Knife River Construction, working on the SW Canal Blvd reconstruction project, noticed a man peering inside a white minivan – then getting in and driving away with it. Redmond Police responded, and after speaking with the owner of the vehicle confirmed it was auto theft.

A short while later, a concerned citizen called 911 to report a white minivan had run a stop sign at the intersection of SW Wickiup Ave and SW Helmholtz Way. Redmond Police and Deschutes County deputies rushed to the area believing it may be the stolen vehicle.

Soonafter, a Redmond Police Officer spotted the minivan headed north on SW Canal Blvd approaching the roundabout at SW 27th Street and SW Yew Ave. Two Redmond Officers tried to pull it over but the driver took off at high speed through a residential area. Officers got close enough to confirm the driver was David Giovanini. Giovanni’s driving became so reckless the officers terminated their pursuit.

A short while later another police officer observed the stolen vehicle at the drive-through of a fast food restaurant on South 97 in Redmond. The officer set up spike strips, and as other officers began to arrive, the suspect again drove away, driving over the spike strips and weaving his way through several Redmond Police vehicles, hitting one of them, though not disabling it.

Officers pursued Giovanni south on 97. More spikes were deployed, but to no avail. Police say Giovanni’s driving behavior became so erratic that the pursuit was called off yet again.

A few minutes later Giovanni was spotted driving on SW Canal Blvd with four deflated tires. The tires were tearing apart, and the vehicle was driving on steel wheels. Officers followed the vehicle until it became disabled on SW Timber Ave at SW 21st Street.

Once stopped, Giovanni became combative, prompting officers to deploy Police Canine “Maverick” which quickly put the bite on Giovanni who was then quickly subdued.

Giovanini sustained minor injuries to his leg along with scratches to his face from “coming into contact with the roadway.” Giovanni was taken by police to St. Charles Redmond and to be medically evaluated.

Giovanini was later arrested on numerous charges, including Theft of a Vehicle, Attempt to Elude a Police Officer, Reckless Driving, Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Interfering With a Police Officer, and Criminal Mischief.

Redmond Police thanks the Knife River employee who reported the suspicious behavior of this individual and want to remind everyone to call the police when they see activity which is unusual or suspicious.

Quote from Redmond Police: The Redmond Police Department always tries to balance the need to capture a suspect with the need to keep the community safe. The decisions made by officers and supervisors are based on the information known to law enforcement moment to moment. Hindsight is always “20/20,” but the rapid pace of criminal activity requires quick action and decision-making. It is our hope the actions of your police department today were reflective of your highest expectations of law enforcement.

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