Apr 132018

Small sedan t-bones a utility truck that had just pulled out from a driveway on Business 97, just south of Maple.

Impact catapulted the car’s grill out the other side of the truck.

Redmond Police say a small sedan with mom and her young children inside suddenly looked up to see what must’ve looked like a steel wall pull out right in front of them. Mom slammed on the brakes, leaving slide marks on the pavement but the sedan hit the truck low, shooting the car’s grill under the truck and out the other side.

Mom and the kids were shook up, but nobody went to the hospital. Redmond Police say the truck driver was waiting in the driveway for traffic to clear. He said one large vehicle had just pulled off the road and in to the same driveway, whereupon the truck driver pulled out onto the highway – unfortunately right in the path of a northbound car. The truck driver said the left turning vehicle into the driveway must’ve obscured his vision of northbound traffic.

That stretch of Business 97 south of Maple is a tricky stretch of road. Vehicles are moving pretty fast and those pulling out from driveways have to be sharp and very aware what’s coming at them – four lanes of very busy traffic. Sometimes it just isn’t worth the risk. It’s generally safer to just turn right and then double back. It may take a minute or two to do it, but it’s better than getting in to a costly wreck.

Again, nobody injured.

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