Mar 122018

Narcan spray
Reverses effects of opioids.

On Sunday a 21 year old male arrived at the Deschutes County Jail to be booked and incarcerated. The male was initially assessed by deputies, followed by a thorough medical assessment by a corrections nurse. At the completion of the booking process, the male was accepted into the custody of the jail and placed into a holding cell in the booking area.

A little over two hours later, a corrections deputy was conducting a regular check on the inmate and noticed his condition was deteriorating. A corrections nurse was immediately summoned and again assessed the inmate. The inmate’s blood pressure was very low and exhibiting symptoms of being under the influence of opiates. The corrections nurse summoned emergency medical assistance and then administered two doses of Narcan to the inmate. After the second dose, the inmate immediately responded to the medication.

Emergency medical personnel with the Bend Fire Department arrived at the jail and subsequently transported the inmate to St. Charles Medical Center where he was admitted. The inmate was treated at the hospital overnight and has since returned to the jail.

This is the sixth time this year the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office has use Narcan during known or suspected drug overdoses.

Narcan(R) (naloxone HCl) Nasal Spray is used for the emergency treatment of a known or suspected opioid overdose. Each of our patrol units and the Deschutes County Adult Jail have access to Narcan for situations like this.

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