Jan 102018

55 acre outline of Canyon Ridge homes – Upas north to NW Pershall

A local homebuilder showed up at the Redmond City Council meeting Tuesday night and showed that although there’s not been a lot of reasonably priced housing on the market lately, he intends to change that. Developer Patrick Ginn was seeking approval for his latest housing development called Canyon Ridge on 55 acres of undeveloped land bordered by Upas Street on the south and Pershall Way on the north and pretty close to Highway 97. It’s also just northeast of the north end of Redmond’s Dry Canyon.

Mix of single family and smaller cottage homes along with townhomes

Mr. Ginn was looking for approval of 220 lots on which will sit 121 single family homes, 34 duplexes, 38 townhomes and 27 cottage homes. About half single family, the rest more affordable dwellings – to either buy or rent.

Cottage homes in green, townhomes in yellow.

Redmond Senior Planner Scott Woodford told the city council the development will reflect Redmond’s muchly favored Great Neighborhood design standards complete with open space, pathways and trails, regular, pocket and tot parks, picnic areas, lots of landscaping and close to shopping. And because of Oregon’s relative northern latitude, there will be homes complete with a southern exposure so they can glean what warmth there may be in winter from a southerly winter sun.

The development will be practically across the street from two public schools at the north end of Redmond – Elton Gregory Middle and Tom McCall Elementary Schools. Both facilities are said fully capable of taking on more students.

Mr. Ginn and his partners were given the green light to provide more detailed plans on the project in order to get final approval from the city. Ginn said he’s inclined to build the smaller cottage and townhomes first, quickly followed by the single family homes. It is no secret that Redmond needs all the more affordable homes it can get.

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