Dec 272017

The Redmond Veterans VFW Post 4108 has launched a new tradition here Redmond – a tradition that should be all too familiar to many U.S. military veterans in the area, throughout the country and around the world. According to Wikipedia “Taps” is a bugle call played at dusk, during flag ceremonies, and at military funerals by the United States Armed Forces. The official military version is played by a single bugle or trumpet, although other versions of the tune may be played in other contexts (e.g., the U.S. Marine Corps Ceremonial Music site has recordings of two bugle and one band version[1]). It is also performed often at Boy Scout, Girl Scout, and Girl Guide meetings and camps. The tune is also sometimes known as “Butterfield’s Lullaby”, or by the first line of the lyric, “Day Is Done”. The duration may vary to some extent; the typical duration is 59 seconds long.

Here’s how the first week sounded in what is expected to be years and years of TAPS being blown in Redmond for our military fallen, those who returned home safely and their families.

VFW 4108 promises to have taps blown TWICE every third Wednesday of the month in Redmond, at 4:30pm at the Redmond Hospice Wall of Honor at 23rd and Highland Avenue, and then again at 5pm at the Redmond Memorial Cemetery where many departed Redmond military heroes are interred.

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