Oct 102017
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Former City Councilor Anne Graham receiving a “Key to the City” plaque for her service on the city council.

Former Redmond City Councilor Anne Graham was given a “Key to the City” plaque by Mayor George Endicott during the city council’s Tuesday evening meeting. Graham recently resigned her council seat after a tiff with state ethics officials who contended she used her office as city councilor to press city planning staff to correct what she claimed was a design violation in homes being built near her residence. Graham said she acted as a private citizen. The Ethics Commission disagreed saying she should have taken the matter up with the city manager. Graham continues to disagree with that assertion.

Graham has put in a lot of volunteer time over the years with the Redmond Economic Development Board, the city’s Urban Area Planning Commission as well as serving on the City Council. She remains an active volunteer in the community.

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