Oct 102017

SUV headed east on Highland is T-boned by small BMW headed north on Veterans at the light.

T-Bone accident at Highland and Veterans. BMW left, SUV right – in the distance.

Neither driver was injured. Both said they had a green light.

For knocking an SUV out of an intersection and down the road, this small BMW was completely driveable. They still build’em strong!

Redmond Police were called to a T-Bone accident at Veterans and Highland Tuesday morning. Upon arrival they found an SUV on its side well east of the signaled intersection, and a very small BMW runabout parked at the curb on the northeast corner of Veterans and Highland. Both drivers were out of their cars. Neither appeared injured. They were checked out by Redmond Fire paramedics.

When interviewed by Redmond Police, both drivers stated they were sure they had a green light. Redmond Police are asking anyone who witnessed the accident to give them a call at 541-693-6911.

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