Sep 132017

Eagle Creek Fire
Back burning to halt main body of the fire.
Courtesy photo

Warmer, dry winds picked up yesterday evening, increasing fire behavior. On the Northeast corner, the fire crossed Herman Creek into the Camp Creek drainage about two to three miles south of I-84. It ran approximately three miles to Nick Eaton Ridge with some spots toward Gordon Creek. Firefighters anticipated this potential movement and have been dropping water in the area as conditions permitted, slowing the fire’s advance. These efforts will continue today. Crews are also establishing and strengthening contingency lines along the powerline corridor east of Cascade Locks to Shellrock Mountain and from Mitchell Point to Wahtum Lake. These measures are in place to protect communities and the I-84 corridor.

Crews made gains along the I-84 corridor, particularly between Bridal Veil and Warrendale, where more line was completed. Mop up continued on the west end of the fire along with direct line construction on the Southwest side; crews are also scouting powerline corridors to build contingency line in this area. Continued moderate to active fire behavior on the Southeast corner will produce more smoke through the day.

On the Eastern end where the fire has crossed Herman Creek, planners anticipate continued active fire behavior, though cooler temperatures and higher humidity predicted for the remainder of the week should help slow its advance. Still, residents can expect to see smoke from these actively burning areas within the fire’s perimeter.

The Oregon State Fire Marshal will continue to place two task forces on both the day and night shifts. These crews will patrol areas with homes and assist with operations along the I-84 corridor.

Weather today is anticipated to be cooler with higher relative humidity and continued westerly flow as a weak disturbance moves over the fire. Weather over the weekend will remain seasonable, with the potential for significant precipitation early next week, which should help firefighters continue to make gains.

Stronger dry westerly winds arrived over the fire area in the late morning effecting an increase in fire behavior. Fire south of Oneonta Creek exhibited active fire and single tree torching with short range spotting with fire growing primarily east with the predominant winds. On the southeast corner of the incident, fire continued flanking and backing southeast towards Big Cedar and Tanner Springs. Fire has crossed Herman Creek just above Camp Creek and will continue moving east towards Nick Eaton Ridge. Fire spread is unlikely to make it to the top of the ridge the until late tomorrow afternoon. For night operations 9/12, 2 OSFM task forces will be in the fire area continuing with structure protection and continuing to prepare for future possible evacuation in the Lost Lake and Mitchell Point areas. For day operations 9/13, continue with structure and point protection with 2 OSFM task forces. Continue monitoring the fire for implementing future evacuations notices. Continue to strengthen established containment lines with burnout and mop up, and continue to secure the areas around structures. Continue recon on the east perimeter and continue to open roads and improve planned containment and contingency lines. Continue direct and indirect tactics along the Southern perimeter to minimize fire effects to the Bull Run Watershead. Continue to use air resources to support the fire suppression effort, to check fire spread on this incident and in support of other incidents in the area.

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