Sep 132017

Old Redmond Depot could be sold to developer for $250,000.

Proposed restaurant, gift shop or historical museum are possibilities according to the prospective buyer.

Old depot’s historic ambiance is still in evidence…

A Portland area history buff who enjoys revitalizing old historical buildings told the Redmond City Council Tuesday night that he’d like to take the old Redmond Railroad Depot off the city’s hands and turn it into a real asset for the town. Tanny Staffenson said he loves to bring historic landmarks back to life and help a community’s economy by boosting tourism. Staffenson says he’s already working on a restoration project in Prineville.

City Councilors Joe Centanni and Camden King impressed upon Mr. Staffenson how special the old depot is for the community. They said long-time Redmond residents are strongly attached to it and would like to see it restored and assume its rightful role in Redmond’s history and economy. Mr. Staffenson promised the council that he’d like to buy the railroad landmark and make it not only a tourist draw, but also provide professional offices for local business persons along with a small restaurant or museum.

The council authorized City Manager Keith Witcosky to sit down with Mr. Staffenson and see if they can work out a deal for Mr. Staffenson to buy the depot from the city for around $250,000 and turn it into an historical and tourism asset for the Hub City.

Stay tuned!

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