Sep 122017

Old Evergreen School Gym
Architects will soon be evaluating whether the gym can be saved, and if so, how it’ll be used and enjoyed!

After a lot of Redmond citizens expressed great interest in saving the old Evergreen School Gym at 9th and Evergreen, the City Council agreed Tuesday night to hire a design firm to evaluate the old building. The firm will determine whether it can be brought back to life as a showcase for the arts, sports, live theater, you name it. The only proviso is that City Hall will likely turn the keys over to a smart, innovative and committed group of citizens who can make the place pencil out. City Hall has said it is NOT in the subsidized entertainment business.

So we’ll see what options might exist when FFA Architecture and Design is done looking the place over and coming up with some ideas that might work, which shouldn’t take a lot of time.

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