Sep 122017

Redmond’s Centennial Park Expansion. The Holiday Tree is in the upper left corner (with red dot) across from City Hall.

After many public meetings and surveys and lots of colorful charts, the Redmond City County has given the $2.5 million dollar green light to begin constructing the western extension of Redmond’s Centennial Park.

Most citizen surveys favored keeping the western extension fairly simple. So that’s what designers gave them – meaningful features without clutter, a history walk, a raised performance stage, connectivity to the city library, downtown and to City Hall, and lots of greenery and open space. Add to that a sculpture in honor of Kay Eberhart, a former Redmond teacher, who devoted her life to teaching children to read and to enjoy life’s bounty from books.

The plan also makes room for a more creative coupling of Pig and Pound restaurant to park goers. And of course there’s the big holiday tree right across 9th from City Hall. Even a bike repair nook.

The city council liked what they saw, and what they saw was the gradual assemblage of pleasant features without being too busy – restful and refreshing just like residents want it to be.

And with that the council voted unanimously to get busy building the expansion. Ground-breaking is set for next Spring with completion by late Fall. And can you imagine how that Holiday Tree is going to look when city crews and loving volunteer hands are done decorating it.

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