Aug 102017

Cougar (Mountain Lion)
Wikipedia photo

Earlier this week a mountain biker enjoying a ride on the South Fork Trail, running south from Tumalo Falls, got a a good scare.

Bend area mountain biker David Mara said he was riding along when he suddenly heard something breaking tree branches and hitting the ground. Mara recounted on his Facebook page that he looked back and saw a cougar running in his direction at which point he increased his speed and got away.

Wildlife experts say that there has never been a cougar attack on a human being in the history of the state. But they quickly add that there’s always a first time for everything. But cougars, they say, don’t consider humans that attractive and usually skeedaddle when they see one – and especially when there’s more than one.

But from this week’s incident wildlife experts recommend that mountain bikers and hikers always travel in pairs, but preferably in a group, and for hikers and bikers to take out their stereo earbuds so they can hear what’s going on around them.

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