Madras: Head-on crash – Semi vs passenger car on Hwy 26 in front of Econolodge Motel

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Feb 252017

Report of a head on crash crash on Highway 26 in front of Madras Econolodge between a vehicle and semi. Lots of debris is making travel impossible through the area. Find a detour!!

Driver or passenger in the vehicle is reported to be unable to self-extricate from her vehicle. Rescue team enroute to peel the car’s roof back in order to extricate the sole occupant of the vehicle.

Lots of fluids leaking from the semi.

Washington State waves its fist at Trump: “Leave our marijuana industry alone!”

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Feb 252017

The Oregonian photo

Washington State’s Attorney General has come out swinging at the Trump Administration after learning it may try to shut down Washington’s recreational marijuana industry.

The Washington AG contends that marijuana is a state’s rights issue, not subject to federal whim. Here’s the story in The Oregonian.

Merkley, DeFazio rally during national day of action to save the Affordable Care Act

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Feb 252017

Eugene Rally to Save ACA
Courtesy photo

Eugene event encouraged Oregonians to fight back against GOP efforts to repeal Affordable Care Act
From Offices of Rep. DeFazio and Sen. Merkley

Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley and Congressman Peter DeFazio joined an overflowing crowd of Oregonians for a rally to stand up against efforts by Trump and Congressional Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The event, at Lane Community College in Eugene, highlighted the high cost of repeal for every Oregon family, with front-lines perspectives from Eric Richardson, president of the NAACP Eugene-Springfield; Maureen Andersen, a prenatal nurse whose patients include some of the most vulnerable Oregonians; and Louise Provost, a cancer patient whose treatment depends on the ACA.

“The Republicans are obsessed with ge​tting rid of the ACA as fast as they can, without thinking about the real people whose lives are going to be devastated by the repeal-and-run strategy,” Merkley said. “I’ve heard the stories that reflect those of 400,000 Oregonians and 20 million Americans who benefited from the ACA. The only way we will prevent this repeal-and-run strategy from becoming law is if ordinary Americans raise their voices and speak out, and that’s exactly what so many Oregonians did today, in Eugene and at rallies across the state. We are going to make clear to the Republican Congress that we are not going to accept this strategy. We are going to fight back and save our health care.”

“Today is a big day of action! I’m looking forward to candidly discussing with constituents how to effectively engage in our democracy and joining Senator Jeff Merkley to rally to save the Affordable Care Act,” DeFazio said. “I’m proud to live in and represent an engaged community that wants to hear from their elected officials.”

The event featured the experiences of Andersen, a prenatal nurse, and Provost, a cancer patient.

“What I know is that if preventative care provided by the ACA goes away, my patients are going to get sicker and poorer,” Andersen said. “They’ll miss out on the birth control that makes the difference between joyous arrival and grim uncertainty. They’ll wait to initiate prenatal care. Deformities and anomalies in their babies will go undetected. They’ll give birth to more unplanned children who they don’t have the capacity to care for or partners to support them. The children and the moms will spend more expensive time in the hospital recovering from more high-risk births and congenital conditions. These are children who will always, always have preexisting conditions, and their future insurers will see them only as liabilities on balance sheets. And in a sense, insurers will be right. The strain on our health care system will be even greater than it is now, and we’ll all be paying for it one way or another.”

Provost was unable to attend the rally because she was at a chemotherapy appointment for cancer treatment, and instead sent a letter that was read aloud.

“When I walk through my low-income apartment complex, the fear is palpable. My neighbors are scared, my clients are scared; we don’t know how we can survive without our health care,” she wrote. “The fact that I live in Oregon is the only thing that gives me hope. We seem to care, and try, to fund health care in this state. If I lived anywhere else, I can’t imagine the depression I would feel. Obama Care, the ACA, OHP, they’re critical to the life of our community. They’re critical to my life. Please do everything you can to protect them, and give me – and countless others – a fighting chance.”

Last month, Republicans in both the Senate and the House took the first step to repeal the ACA with a narrowly passed a budget blueprint—a special procedural maneuver called budget reconciliation, which would allow them to pass a repeal bill with a simple majority on a party-line vote. Trump has pledged make the repeal and replacement of the ACA to happen simultaneously, but in the nearly seven years since the passage of the ACA, Republicans have never agreed on a plan to replace it.

This “repeal-and-run” strategy would throw millions off of their health coverage and cause chaos and rising costs across the health care system. Already insurers are openly concerned about the uncertainty around the ACA, and major insurers have said they need information from the government before they can decide whether to offer coverage. Likewise, Oregonians and all Americans have expressed concern about the future of their coverage, attending Congressional town halls in unprecedented numbers seeking answers.

The “Save Our Health Care Rally” was part of a national day of action with similar gatherings throughout the country providing a platform for Americans concerned about losing their health insurance and care options if the GOP succeeds in repealing Obamacare.

State DOJ punts to the Feds on Kitzhaber probe

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Feb 252017

Cylvia Hayes and then Gov. John Kitzhaber

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum has handed her office’s investigation of suspected misconduct against former Governor John Kitzhaber and his fiancee to the federal U.S. Attorney’s Office. Rosenblum cites a looming statute of limitations and what she describes as “a small army of attorneys,” which she doesn’t have, to review 4 million Kitzhaber emails and other documents to continue the state’s own investigation. So she’s handing it off to the feds.

Here’s more from The Oregonian.

Reps. Buehler & Gomberg to Trump: Back Off from interfering with Oregon Marijuana Laws…

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Feb 242017

Courtesy photo

Oregon State Representative Knute Buehler, of Bend, wasn’t subtle about his message to the Trump Administration – “Back off from any challenges to Oregon voter-approved recreational marijuana. It’s a state’s rights issue.”

Buehler was responding to a comment made by President Donald Trump’s Press Secretary Sean Spicer who told reporters this week that while medical marijuana has definite medical applications, recreational marijuana is still illegal under federal law and that federal law enforcement will likely be intervening in Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

Bend area state Representative Knute Buehler, a surgeon, said the federal government should back off from any such involvement in what is clearly a state’s rights issue – adding that recreational marijuana was approved by Oregon voters two years ago and that three states have well established growing, processing and sales proceedures that have very high standards and security. Buehler said rather than getting in the way of the recreational marijuana industry the federal government should take a more realistic view of it.

Oregon Coast state Representative David Gomberg echoed his State House colleague’s position while adding that the federal government should also lift a ban on banking services for the marijuana industry – that it’s risky to be having to handle such large amounts of money in paying labor costs for growing, processing and sales of the legal plant in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and likely soon in California.

Meanwhile U.S. Senator’s Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley have chimed in – Wyden pointing out that Oregon voters have spoken in a statewide vote to approve recreational marijuana in Oregon. Senator Merkley added that to re-prohibit the industry would only drive it back underground, something that no amount of local, state or federal law enforcement have been able to put a dent in. U.S. Representative Earl Blumenauer agreed that Aemrica’s war on marijuana has been a prolonged and very expensive failure. He urged the Trump administration to exercise common sense and remove the federal sanctions on recreational marijuana.

Work barn burns along with contents at 5511 Harvest SW of Redmond

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Feb 242017

Work Barn Fire at 5511 SW Harvest, SW of Redmond

Barn was fully engulfed in flame when Redmond Fire-Rescue pulled up…

Fire ignited either ammo or paint cans…loud pops.

Vehicle restoration shop with lubricants, fuels and a car being restored burned hot.

Firefighters move in to knock the fire down.

Everything in the interior melted or burned…

Mop up – pulling outside walls to get water inside to cool off interior.

Burned hot and fast. No one injured. Owner was away at the time. Firefighters soaked travel trailer on the right, saving it from the fire.

Firefighters say there was power to the barn. No word yet on a cause. They’ll be talking to the owner when he gets back. No injuries fighting the fire and a nearby house was not damaged.

Central Oregon Community College Update

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Feb 242017

COCC Redmond Campus
COCC photo


Central Oregon Community College (COCC) is holding its monthly Nursing Orientation sessions at the Redmond campus, Wednesday, March 8, 9-10 a.m., Building 3, Room 306, and at the Bend campus, Friday, March 17, 9-10 a.m., Boyle Education Center, Room 155.

Nursing Orientations are information sessions designed for students interested in COCC’s associate degree in nursing. Sessions cover minimum requirements to apply to the program, how applicants are selected, deadlines and more. The formal presentation usually runs 45 minutes with plenty of time for questions during and after. Prospective nursing students are strongly encouraged. Reservations are not required.

Central Oregon Community College (COCC) is offering “Getting Started” presentations in Bend and Redmond for prospective students, the first at the Redmond campus, Monday, March 6, 4:30 p.m., Technology Center, Room 218, and the second at the Bend campus, Friday, March 10, 11 a.m., Boyle Education Center, Room 156.

This is an opportunity for prospective students—seeking a degree or to just take a few classes—to meet with a COCC admissions representative for guidance through time-sensitive steps for enrollment, federal funding, choosing appropriate courses and the use of academic support services. Bend RSVP: 541-383-7500; Redmond RSVP: 541-504-2900.

Central Oregon Community College (COCC) is offering an information session about its Allied Health programs Monday, March 6, 9-10 a.m., in Building 3, Room 306, on the COCC Redmond campus. The health programs covered will include dental assisting, massage therapy, medical assistant, pharmacy technician and veterinary technician. The session will include a description of each occupation, the typical clinical and administrative duties, as well as the certification or licensing required. There will also be a review of the structure, length and cost of each of the programs.

It is not necessary to be enrolled at COCC to attend this session. Reservations are not required. For information, call 541-383-7420.

Rep. Whisnant and Sen. Knopp co-sponsor bill to restrict abortions in Oregon

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Feb 232017

Rep. Gene Whisnant
Co-sponsors anti-abortion bill

Sen. Tim Knopp
Co-sponsors anti-abortion bill

Two Central Oregon state lawmakers have joined 23 other Republicans in the Legislature to restrict a woman’s right to an abortion in Oregon. State Senator Tim Knopp (R) of Bend and State Representative Gene Whisnant (R) of Sunriver are co-sponsors of House Bill 3017.

The bill requires that a woman seeking an abortion must first consult with a physician and for the physician to determine the age of the fetus. If the physician determines that the fetus is 20 weeks or older, the woman shall not have an abortion unless there is a genuine medical emergency.

Here is the full text of House Bill 3017 which has been sent to the House Judiciary Committee for it’s first hearing.

Meanwhile Oregon’s Attorney General has teamed up with other AG’s around the country to fight an attempt to turn the clock back on abortions. Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum says she is conferring with her fellow AG’s as to the legal grounds for a challenge should the Trump Administration mount an attempt to shut down Planned Parenthood offices nationwide that offer birth control and other womens’ health services. Here’s more in the Washington Post.

Trump Administration takes aim at Recreational Marijuana

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Feb 232017

Trump puts states with recreational marijuana on notice….

The Trump Administration made it official today that although they have no problem with medical marijuana sales, it’s a different story on recreational marijuana. That’s illegal, they say.

Here’s the story in The Oregonian. Click here.